Signs and Symptoms Every Women Should Look for Ageing of Breasts


Signs Every Women Should Look for Ageing of Breasts – Fine Lines and wrinkles are the first major signs for an ageing skin. But have you ever felt any change in your breasts with increasing age factor? Yes!!! Breasts also undergo several changes throughout the lifespan of a woman. From the time of birth till puberty to adulthood, at every stage there is a significant change occurring in your breasts. As we age, cell renewal ability of body decreases which adversely affects the tissue growth and some tissues tend to die. This results in the visible signs of ageing.


After the age of 30, ageing process starts depending on the general health of the person. Under eye circles, memory loss, fatigue, sagging skin, wrinkles, sexual dysfunction etc are some of the signs marking the beginning of ageing process. Even are breasts undergo several changes during ageing as they are also made up of fatty tissues. In this article, I will be throwing some light over the first signs of ageing of breasts and some tips for its well being.

1. Swollen Breasts

A woman may feel swollen breasts due to various hormonal changes occurring in the body. Hormonal changes can be due to menopause, puberty or even pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance is the major cause for ageing of breasts and swelling of breasts.

2. Firm and Rounded

As soon as a woman enter her 20’s and begins with the menstrual cycle, the breasts tend to become more firm, rounded and perky. A woman is most attractive in her late 20’s and early 30’s, when her breasts are fully developed and are healthy.

3. Changes in Nipple shape

Due to pregnancy or some age related factors, the nipple changes its shape or size. It again happens due to hormonal changes occurring on the body and doctors consider it completely normal.

4. Color of Areola

Areola is the skin surrounding your nipple. The color of areola changes during various phases from lighter to dark or vice versa. But it’s nothing to be scared off as it is completely normal.

5. Soft and sagging Breasts

The breasts tend to become softer and are more prone to sagging after 30’s. Breasts start losing their firmness and perkiness after 30 and resulting in sagging.

6. Dry Breasts

As the breasts tend to sag, the area behind the sagged breasts becomes dry and becomes more prone to dryness and irritation. Gradually breasts lose their elasticity and tend to sag more.

7. Sexually less sensuous

Slowly the nipples tend to lose their sensitivity to touch by the partner which affects the foreplay part of sex.

The breast changes are normal part of ageing process. But if the sagging of breasts or flatness distresses you, then you can go for an implant or cosmetic surgery. Eat healthy and quit smoking and liquor consumption. A well balanced diet, adequate sleep and proper exercising may not be able to stop the ageing process but certainly can delay it. In case you feel any breast pain, nipple discharge or hard lumps in your breasts contact you doctor/gynecologist immediately.

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