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5 Reasons why Men attracts more towards Curvy Women


There is little doubt that men are more attracted towards curvy women than thinner ones. There have been many surveys and researches, which have tried to find out the reasons behind this. And what has been unearthed, proves that there is not just a single reason for this attraction; in fact, there are many reasons why men are more attracted towards curvy women. This point straightaway comes to light, when a slim girl and a curvy girl walk out on a street together. You will find that more men are staring at the curvy girl than the thin one. It will be interesting to find the reason behind the curvy girls being more attractive. Here are some of the reasons for men being attracted towards curvy women more:


1. They are softer:

Men like to be strong and snuggle the softer women, which can give them more enjoyment. It is cool and exciting to curl up the softer women, rather than the ones having bony configuration in their bodies. When a man is sharing his hot moments with his woman, he tends to touch and feel the body of his partner. The act excites the man more, if the woman is softer. What it essentially means is that, the moments spent with a softer woman are steamier.


2. More youthful look:

Most of the curvy women have another great feature of looking younger than their actual age. The bigger cheeks in the curvy women look fantastic, giving them more youthful look. Mostly, curvy women are also very enthusiastic and happy, making them look younger. Most men will always like women being younger.

3. They have more womanly appeal:

Curvy women have more womanly charm than thinner women. A healthy woman is a symbol of good health and wealth. Most men are easily attracted towards a woman having a curvy figure. Curvy women can really appeal to a man very fast and easily. You can find many ancient statues of women having curvy figures, which reflects the attraction men for them; even in the ancient era.

4. Have nice up top:

Most of the men in the world are frankly attracted more towards the top part of the women. That extra sized tops really appeals more to the men. The curvy figures usually have nice upper parts. Those cleavages easily catch the eyes of most of the men and they are excited more those extra sizes. Curvy women have really hot figures, that attract the attention of men easily.

5. They are hotter in the bed:

Curvy women are significantly hotter in bed than skinny women. When you are in bed with a skinny and thin woman some men tend to be afraid of getting hard as it may hurt the woman. However, the man can easily become harder and rough with the curvy woman as they can really handle it easily. Also, men love to play and enjoy more with the curvy girl as they are very hot.

These are some of the reasons for men attracting more towards curvy women. There are many of the other factors too which can attract the men towards the woman.

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