What is Chatroulette – Pros & Cons

If something has changed the concept of online chatting than that is none other than “Chatroulette”. A style of chanting which came into existence when a seventeen year old boy Andrey Ternovskiy who was a high school student in Moscow-Russia discovered this. in which Chatter can do Cam Chat with Anonymous Partner instantly anywhere in the world.

What exactly is Chatroulette:

This is a kind of audio, video and text chat where you can interact with strangers. Yes! You don’t known someone around to track and suddenly male or female will be before you. This is done on websites who randomly pairs pairs the visitors and user has full control over initiation and termination. People love this way as having done this you can express yourself to the deeper level no one can watch (especially or life partner who has the password) you which is very unlikely with another medias like Facebook, tutor etc.

Pros of Chatroulette:

Following are the interesting points which are in favor:

  1. Best refreshment: With least inhibitions around anyone can join chat with free mind. Even celebrities go for this oftenly as no one is their to recognize and no one will create fuss on media.
  2. Increases the skill of communication: If a shy person or a person who lacks self confidence due to lack of knowledge or impressing personality chooses this he can also interact freely; reason is simple he does not know that, the person before him is very pugnacious or gentlemen and by doing so in due course of time he develops the skill to interact with anyone.
  3. Stay with people whose company you enjoy: This is one of the best advantage; if you like the conversation then stay otherwise quite any time when you want and restart new conversation.
Cons of Chatroulette:

Following are the arguments which goes against:

  1. Facing indecent content: This is the most general incident which happens during the course of chatting. You may have mind to chat on religion and you may get a sexually sensitive person before you, so will treat it as wrong.
  2. Misdirection to children: Since this kind of media has become accessible for all so even small children who are tech guys nowadays, can access and get misguided/misdirected and since parents cannot put any tracker like they do over facebook therefore they will be completely unaware as which direction his children are heading towards.
  3. Blackmailing of Innocents: This is very rare and happen with only those who share their private details or photographs during chatting which can be used by criminals in future.


Even if you have a gun and you use this for safety then you will live long respected life, however if you gets misguided then anyone can drive you as world is the mixture of sand and sugar and all kind of people are there i.e. they can become your friends as well as your enemy. So be aware and conscious while chatting and enjoy it to have the fun.

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