Does Looks and Bank Balance Matters When It Comes to Dating?

Importance of Looks and Bank Balance in Dating,Common Values of Dating Partners,love and money

Money makes the world go round and love in this context is no exception. Always two benchmarks of values for most daters, money or good looks are discussed as priority. This topic of money or looks always looms large, despite the pretensions of some that these two issues don’t matter in the relationships. Does looks and bank balance matters when it comes to dating? Its answer is bit complex, when you spread your wings to discuss other values too.

Importance of Looks and Bank Balance in Dating

The decision for the nuptials hangs precariously on picking different values of each other. The daters’ decision is normally influenced by the bank balance and good looks of the partners. In prompting them, their close relatives and friends also play their roles to persuade dating partners to focus on certain values.

Many couples adjust themselves in relationships for good looks of the women and good bank balance of men or vice versa. However, money and looks should not be the end of the selection process but the beginning of it. Equally or more importantly, there are other relevant traits in partners that require keen attention.

There are many other things that dating couple should be looking in each other. They look for their partner’s general behavior with known & unknown people, educational & professional qualification, and future prospects in their careers. Each partner demands respect for each other’s decisions, friends, relatives, opinions, sense of humor, and resolve to stay happy in all situations.

Different Perspective

One must understand that money or big homes can neither buy you love and nor the ‘drop dead’ good looks can get you good placements or a good partner for that matter. The therapists, counselors, life coach, and experts believe that there is more beyond looks and bank balance. The partners initially see things like religion, families, looks, health, happiness quotient, compatibility, and money. There are few factors more important when jumping into the deeper side of the pool.

Common Values of Dating Partners

A good start for further talks happens when both friends share more common values; it’s a long struggle to reach on the conclusive part, if they do not share more common values.  Many experts believe, at least core values like religion, finances, gender politics, family, sex, and principles should match. The rest, together they can handle in life. Good looks according to them should be an added bonus only.

Mutual handling of relationship

It’s about how you handle conflict of values between the two of you. There are many other upfront values than materialistic values like money and looks. If you give some time to each other during dating, you will find the conflicting zones of each other and find ways to end or adjust with those conflicting values.  The dating partners should give space to each other, stay harmonious, and friendly during this time.

Relationship needs to be nourished

The experts believe, you should not make a hasty decision on the basis of good looks and bank balance only. If your chemistry seems to work fine during dating, you will reach to a right decision. Meet and spend time with each other often in restaurants, parties, birthdays, and during travels. You will discover better or worst areas of your partner. Nourish the relationship to gain positive results, as you can only expect the fruits when you nourish the plant.

Final word

“Looks and money don’t last but someone who makes you laugh is forever”

Review your mutual joint experiences of the values, considering you are living in a society that supports certain values. Besides, your motto in life should be to rise, shine and stay happy together.