10 Things Every Man Should Know About a Girl’s Mind

Girl's Mind

A girl’s mind reflects and reacts differently than men in similar set of situations, despite the ‘unisex’ theory affirming the equality of brains. However, what exactly goes on in the brains of the women is a hard nut to crack for many people.

Here are 10 things every man should know about a girl’s mind

  1. Cycle Prone Changes

The majority of women are affected by their monthly menstruation cycles.  It may sound weird to some but logically it’s true. The mood shifts occur because of hormonal changes. These changes cause some visible changes in the body and brain. Traits like loss of energy and swings in emotions affect their perspectives & sensitivity.

  1. Discover How She Values Relations

A girl’s brain can be judged by her values towards her relations. Just observe how she treats her relations and talk about them on their back. Therefore, her negative mindset where she would be talking bad about her relations might tinkle a danger bell to you.

  1. Discover Her Behavior With Strangers

Notice how she handles herself with strangers. Is she polite or brash or warm or cold towards others? How she orders and treats waiters in the restaurant? Is she lenient when accidentally pushed by a stranger in public? Her reactions can give you a fair idea of her brain and help you decide to stay on or get off the wagon.

  1. Her Pastime!

Access to the girl’s brain could be through her hobbies and pastimes. Does she like the late night parties or staying on social media or TV watching her favorite shows? Is she a bookworm or likes to take walks and frequent gym? The info about her would help you decide your future with her.

  1. Check Her Smartness!

Your girl should have acumen to converse on most subjects in the company of your friends. Her street smartness is enough, as she doesn’t need to be a scholar for this.  A smart brainy partner could be an asset for you.

  1. Her Values

The life demands certain values in every person, but it becomes significant when you share similar values like your partner. You need to know her brain for answers regarding her goals in life and what she values the most. You need to set your future course accordingly.

  1. Spontaneous or a Planner?

Observe your girl’s brain and her reactions, is she impulsive in making decisions or she plans well in advance? Is she flexible or sticks to her plans? She might be an exciting prospect with her spontaneity but life pays off with some sincere and organized planning.

  1. Is She Strong and Resilient Type?

A girl needs to be stronger in brain. Her resilient mind can be best judged by the multi-tasking she does at home or office. You can find her mental strength by looking at her how she carries herself around.  More important, you can judge her mental resilience in a crisis like situation.

  1. Proud Of What She Is!

Find out, is she proud of the way she looks and her ethnicity, because girls sometimes pretend what they are not. This may bring forth her genuineness of brain. If she is happy in what she is, she is less likely to be a hypocrite.

  1. Gifts

Every woman likes expensive gifts and maybe your girl also feels so. A straight from the heart gift may be better than many fancy and expensive gifts for her. However, the girl that values the feelings behind the gift is more likely to be your girl.

So, just follow these and get to know her better!