10 Most Crazy Things to Say to Your Partner!

If you choose one weapon from your armory, look for the disarming sense of humor to make your mutual connection stronger.

“The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings”- Pluto

The thrill arises from craziness because ‘if it’s not madness it is not LOVE”. In relationships, there are moments of ups and downs that spoil hundreds of passionate moments together. Keep your wild side alive with the ready crazy lines to keep your connection stronger. You must keep the fun part intact by these 10 craziest things to say to your partner.

1. Go Beyond ‘I Love You’!

Falling in love is an indescribable magical feeling that needs magical words to keep it growing. It should go beyond the ceremonial ‘I love you’. The lines such as, ‘I love you more than yesterday’ and ‘you are my eternal love whom I loved always’ can add peppy charm to your love. Your feelings need stimulating words coming straight from your heart.

2. Praise with a Raised Sense of Humor!

If you choose one weapon from your armory, look for the disarming sense of humor to make your mutual connection stronger. Humor always works for what you lack in other areas. Choose the funny moments for better vibes. Choose lines such as, ‘I love you with my entire belly not the heart, as my belly is bigger’, ‘I love you more than I love my dog’ or ‘I love you more than I love my Pasta’, or ‘you drive me incredibly crazy and I feel like doing outrageous things to you’, etc.

3. Try Love-Laced Impish Puns

Intimate relations between couples have freedom of appreciative sexual expressions. Flattering may be an art but pleasing your mate is a smart move. You must come out with some interesting and funny lines like ‘I love you in a way that is revolting to others’, or ‘you are the sexiest woman alive’ etc.

4. Offer Accolades on Your Partner’s Physical Attributes!

No matter whether you consider that a foretold story, compliment your partner with sexy body compliments like, ‘you are looking like a Bomb’, or ‘you are hot as ever’, or ‘I hope my day is as nice as your sexy body’. Assure your partner that nothing has changed, but choose the right moment for these compliments to draw expected reactions.

5. Simple Appreciative Lines for Your Partner!

Appreciate and standby your partner’s choice of pastimes and achievements. “I’d rather be with you than waiting to hear about your great performance” or say ‘not only butterflies in my stomach whole zoo is making noise in anticipation’. React nicely with a crazy edge to your words to show how intensely you love your partner.

6. I am glad you still care for me!

Always assure and ensure your happiness for your partner’s endeavors towards you. This is an affirmation of a strong bonding when you speak, ‘I fell in love not only for how you look, but just for who you are’ and ‘Only you can give me that feeling’.

7. Comfortable Silence Says it All!

‘Love is about adoring each other even in silence’. Sometimes your silence speaks louder than your spoken words. If your chemistry is great, your silence will be comfortable. You can’t betray with your silence, ‘in the silence of love you will find the spark of life.’

8. Love Is About Being Stupid Together

Yes, ‘love is crazy this is why it’s Love.’ Keep this craziness alive in your relationship. Assure your partner that “you have a crush on your mind, and you fell for your persona and your looks are just the bonus.” ‘Love is not decided by a wise mind but a stupid heart.’

9. Things You Never Should Say To Your Partner

Don’t call him or her a liar, use articulate lines like ‘I’m having trouble in identifying whether you are speaking entire truth, or you are hiding some facts’. Remember, harsh words can hurt deeply and spoil your relationship.

10. Be Articulate

Avoid telling your partner not to say ‘keep quiet or shut up’ instead say a subtle line ‘you’re overreacting’, or ‘calm down’ or you’re being so sensitive’. You can also say, ‘you look beautiful when angry.’
Try these crazy things and discover how these make a difference to your life.