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Ways to Meet Singles in Real Life


Top Five Ways to Meet Single Girls & Boys in your Real Life


Before the dawn of internet people used to go long way for making friends, they would walk after their desired love, would wait her to have just one glimpse after classes, tuition or outside her/his home and would do everything just to draw attention of a girl or boy. However in today’s fast paced world it appear to be awful as — leaving your couch, taking off your sweatpants, putting your Chatliv bringing on pause, and going out to meet people. Who bothers to put so much labour.


But guys, this really works! I myself do lot of online video dating to make friends but I also prefer to interact with people in real life since that is altogether different experience one can really have. I like to go to public places whether it is a bar, dance club, party, tracking, malls or something else and would like to share top five ways to meet friends in your real life.

Working Overtime If boss desires helps in making friends:

There may be very less who desires so in office, but many people get chance here to interact with nice coworkers and if coworker invites you go to someplace else after Happy Hour, join them.

Public Transportation-Nice way to make friends:

While traveling in a bus or train you can get opportunity to have eye contact with someone who appears a nice match for you. Keep eye contact and you will realize that he or she is interested in you or not. If person is sitting next to you then you can easily start conversation by asking questions like “What are the stations in between?”, “From where to take next bus etc” or ask about a places etc. and when you think that person is comfortable with you, you can share your observation related to that person like- Cool Shoes, Nice Dress, Beautiful Eyes, Interesting Nature, Very funny, knowledgeable etc. Then final step would be to take mobile number, believe strangers if you get here then you can get next step also.

Friends’ Birthday Party- nice way to add friends in your kitty:

More you expand your social circle, more are chances of having friends and Friend’s birthday party can be really a great idea to interact with new people as there may be someone single like you who is looking a perfect match for dating as well.

Karaoke Bar- Friends will be dancing with you:

People can really bond over a mutual favorite song, such party provides endless conversation starters if you have enough crowd, here you can deeply interact with strangers when they ask “What will you be singing?” “You did a good job.” “Do you know this song?” etc. People mostly come closer and easily give their numbers.

Get along with a friend when he need your help:

It is not always the social circle that work’s but genuine friends are made by genuine reasons & honest efforts. You can easily take someone’s number, may go for initial date or may have some fun but remember if you cannot help someone from your heart then you cannot enjoy the nectar of friendship. Be always helpful to one and all, this is the best way to get new friends and also deepen existing bond of friendship.

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