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10 Reasons Why Being a Single Girl can have More Fun


If you are single then you can easily relate to this fact that being single is really fun. However, if you are in a relationship then you may miss your singlehood days while reading this article. It is a misconception that single people are lonely and enjoys less. You can enjoy your freedom completely when you are single rather than being in a relationship. Let’s find out why being a single girl is more fun:


Less Worries, More Surprises

No worries about a long-term partner or short-term partner. A single girl is a free bird. She can dream of anyone in their life. Hopes and dreams still work for her as she hasn’t settled for a guy till now. The element of surprise is there in her life and she can enjoy it to the fullest.


Love to Mess Things Around

You can be as messy as you want to be. There is no one to poke you for your actions. Singlehood is something that frees you from worldly bonds. You are allowed to leave the dishes in the basin over night. Nobody is going to bother you for this. What a relief!

More and More Dating

Dating is on the to-do-list every time. You don’t have to worry about heart-breaks, cheating, break-ups, if you are single. Go wherever you want to go, with whom you want to go. You are not controlled by anyone, girl.

Lots of Love

You have more liberty to have love when you are single. It is a fun thing for you and you are enjoying it fully. No strings attached, definitely.

Girlfriends-rich Weekends

Partying with your girlfriends on the weekends, what more anyone can ask for? Going to new places and enjoying your time together. Enjoy doing all the girly stuff without being regretful. Running late? No problem at all.

Setting Priorities

You are your own boss until you are single. No priorities are going to change because of someone else in your life. You know what is best for you and you stick to that. No more advice please!

No Social Media

You can be too busy to post something on your wall. After all, you are not a mommy who is sharing her baby’s things over the internet. You are still having fun with your BFFs.

No Depressed Faces

While not being in a relationship, you don’t end up arguing someone often. So, no depressed and sad faces you need to make. You look cheerful and can flaunt the eternal youth. Moreover, your emotional quotient remains intact.

Get to Spend Time Alone

You can sit calmly without anyone by your side. Enjoy self-talk with yourself, listen to your favorite music and eat abundantly. You have enough time to relax and chill out. No time crunch!

No Liabilities

You don’t care what others are thinking or feeling. It’s their problem, right. If someone is getting hurt or someone is complaining about your habits, you are least bothered. They are not your liabilities and you have your own choices.