Advice For Women by Woman on men

Advice For Women by Woman on men – Dating Advice For Women: Top Mistakes You’re Making With Men

The Advice she gives at 5 minutes 00 seconds is completely and utterly WRONG. To tell a 29 year old, single women, to sleep around, “have fun”, and go on tinder…that is the exact opposite she should be doing…she has spent her whole life sleeping around unmarried.

At 35 a women falls of the fertility cliff…literally. So at 29 she should be acting mature, looking for a good guy of 30 plus to settle into a serious relationships, marriage and children. She should not, I repeat not, be adding more miles to her clock in empty vacuous, ego boosting one night stands..leaving herself in the complete WRONG mindset for finding a soulmate and LTR. She should have go over that phase by her mid 20’s.

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