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Top Dating Bloggers & Expert from UK

When your love life is not going good or you always end up being single then you require proper advice. There are bloggers who provide easy and effective advice for you. These bloggers are having experience and knowledge that will help you to find the perfect person. You can always seek their help or read their blogs, which will have a proper effect in your life.

Here are the love advice bloggers who had sustained their reputation throughout the time.

Katy Horwood

Katy is one courageous blogger who does not shy to write any controversial issues. She is having her field of specialty in relationship and sex. Her blogs also consist about the relationship status of celebrities. Many of the bloggers are looking to work with her but she always remains one step ahead of them.

Sam Owen, Relationship Coach

Sam Owen is one of very active dating expert from UK with his Relationshipscoach blog. Sam Owen is a certified life coach, psychologist, author and speaker. She is also a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Association for Coaching (AC) and her academic background includes: Psychology BSc (Hons), Diploma in Life Coaching, Certificate in Counselling Skills.

Natalie Lue

Natalie is a charm when it comes to understanding the problems of relationship. She gives proper and effective advice for love, marriage, and broken relationship. If you are getting out of hopes or feeling broken inside then she is the right person to look for. She believes in making the surroundings lovely and everyone should have a healthy relationship.

Other :

Laura Yates

Laura is the combination of beauty and brains. Most of her blogs are about how to recover a break-up. There can be breakup due to any course of time but are those breakups really worth it. With the love encouraging blogs that she writes made her the award winner of Dating Expert for 2015. Laura’s work is having all the advice to keep the fire of love burning.

Zoe Strimple

Zoe is the one if you are looking for relationship advice. She had been researching and always keeps doing it so that you are never left alone. Here blogs are for both the male and females. She is a superstar when it comes to giving exclusive advice. Her words are full of enthusiasm and spirited to help you find the right person.

Paul Thomas Bell

Paul is a straight forward person and it shows in his blogs that he present. He is always churning and presents a smart blog that aims directly at the point. He gives a precise advice on how to dress up and what things should be done on the first date. Paul makes sure that his readers always get what they are looking for.

Jon Hamblin

Jon is one of a kind blogger for dating sites. His blogs are humorous to read and if anyone is following him then they always have a smile on their face. Even after reading his blogs your problems are not solved but still, you are having a good time reading them.

Jimmy Rice

Jimmy had been blogging for a long time and makes his readers enjoy the dating blog journey. Jimmy has the blog known as plentymorefishoutofwater. In each of his blogs, you will find all about how to make a date successful. There are many readers who are following him and the numbers are increasing every day.

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