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How to Flirt Online with Stranger- Complete Guide


When you write a mail to your teacher, your boss or an application to someone then your writing is very formal and you make sure that it is grammatically correct and there is no spelling mistake, but does is matter during online chat? Indeed no, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is the meaning contained in your content.


So listen up Strangers: here are 5 ways to be an awesome online chatter.


Flirt coquettishly but with notion of decency during Online Flirt

Don’t Start the conversation like an amateur or like an immature person i.e. don’t ask silly questions at the beginning like- “Hey”, “Hi”, “What’s up”, “UR Cute” as all these words are very repetitive and have no value during online chatting.
Your response should come from deep observation and immediate survey and should say: “Your eyes have very different color”, “Whoa, whoa-whoa. There’s no way I can’t ask you about your new profile picture. Is that like a Victoria Waterfall? Please dish.”

People like Talking when It is Easy

During Video Chat, be a good listener and ask lot of questions but there should be meaning in this like:

  1. Background of your picture include waterfall, which place is this?
  2. You said your hobby is skydiving, don’t you feel scared in that as I cannot afford to do so?
  3. How do you manage it as you are in service industry and such people have lack of time?
  4. Ohhh! It sounds amazing…. Etc.

During Online Flirt, show your sense of humor and your playfulness

Sometimes, gentle teasing can be flirty and electric, or it can make you come off like a jerk. It might be funny to one person to say, “Hey Stranger, Whoa nice waterfall picture, you are no less than Laso Schaller, canyoneer and high-diver, that looks cold. Plus those plants are wack. Nice try though.”

Show your playfulness and be relax, have much physical reaction, describe your physical sensations and your feelings, give positive feedback during online flirt through video chat at Chatliv.

Fantasies are good:

.Take your time! No need to cut right to the chase! I can tell you I took a walk to the forest…or I can tell you what I wore, what I brought with me, what did I do today, what I saw on the way, what I was thinking & feeling about…you get the idea and so on.

Respond Timely while Flirting Online

You should respond simultaneously and should not leave the stranger waiting during your Video Chat or Stranger Text Chat. “Leaving them waiting” is the rallying cry of people with no dates. If you want to date online, be there to chat, don’t hang up with so many things at once. If you want to ignore people’s messages, go do something else or if you don’t like the person then terminate the chat. However if your online partner is ignoring you then leave them alone. If someone else isn’t talking to you, not responding the way you want better is leave them alone. There’s no sense in peppering them as by compromising your dignity you can never flourish your friendship.

Invest Some Efforts into Flirting Online

Whensoever you are feeling little flirtatious. Maybe a little bored or want to do some exciting thing or want to do little adventure then best way is stranger Chatting on Chatliv, however if you really want to enjoy Online Flirt then you will have to invest time and energy-like:

  1. Don’t be light hearted and stay approachable as online chat may take some time.
  2. Be yourself during online video chat or Stranger Chat, don’t try to “sound smart” or try to use typical words or sentences you wouldn’t normally use to flirt.
  3. Flirting is like to have normal conversation, so take it light, however different people like to talk different things so make sure you anticipate them appropriately.
  4. Show your strength by long chatting, indeed it is like marathon, not a sprint.
  5. Present yourself as emotionally stable guy and don’t overshare things like being a sad-sack rather your mood should be pleasant and vibrant.

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