Real Signs of Love in A Relationship?

What Does Love Mean In A Relationship,signs

Are you feeling attracted to a particular person? Do you feel a chill down in your spine when you see him/her? Do you feel that you’re the best version of you when you’re with him/her? And now the final question, for which you’re on this page- Is it love? Well, you wouldn’t have been here if you already had the answer to this question.

The True Meaning of Love Differs from Person to Person

Something that’s similar in every definition is that love is a feeling that’s composed of many things like friendship, comfort, compatibility, sexual attraction, readiness to sacrifice and much more. There’s no particular definition of love that you can just google over internet and find if you’re in love or not.

What Does Love Mean In A Relationship?

There are many definitions and phrases that explain what love is. Love is hard to define but can definitely be understood by some signs. Here are some indications that can help you decide whether the unusual feeling you’re going through, is love or not. These are signs you should look for, before declaring that you’re in love:

1. Friendship

You can’t love a person if he’s not your friend. How can you fall for someone whom you don’t know? The concept of “love at first sight” might seem logical to you but to be honest, only attraction and infatuation can happen at first sight, not love. Love itself means friendship. There are more chances to fall in love with best friend and such relationships have a tendency to last longer.

2. Sacrifices

When you’re willing to make sacrifices or compromise just to fit their needs and desires, it is love. Know that changing the nature of a person as a whole, just for personal gain, is not love. It is simply control and abuse. When you make sacrifices by your choice, for their happiness and well-being, it is love.

3. Promises

A simple promise works a lot in love. You tend to keep your promise that you made with the person, even in their absence, knowing that he/she would never get to know if you broke it. You feel that your moral conscience has become strong just for that one person.

4. Understanding

Love accompanies mutual understanding. You can say it’s love if you try to listen to the person and understand what they say and mean. You put yourself in their situation and think if you would’ve done the same what they did. This is love!

5. Trust

This is the base of any relationship. If you can’t trust a person, you can’t live him. Similarly, if you don’t keep the trust of your partner, you don’t love him. As simple as that!

6. Care

Care doesn’t mean shouting at your partner and forcing them to do something that you know is good for them. It means silent caring. It means loving the person when he can’t love himself and it means caring for him in a silent way.

7. Similar Feeling

If you feel the same as your partner in any situation, you’re in love. If his sadness makes you sad and if his happiness makes you happy, you’re already in love. You tend to find your happiness in your partner’s happiness and that’s when you know it’s love.

8. Pride, not jealousy

When your partner achieves something, you’re happy and proud, and not jealous. This feeling takes a lot of time to develop but when it does, the bond becomes unbreakable. You motivate your partner to achieve more and more rather than pulling down out of jealousy.

9. Respect

Last but definitely not the least, comes respect. Above all, you respect your partner. Not only do you respect them as a person, but you also respect their opinion, their dreams and their decisions.

Love is a Strong Feeling Coming From Heart

Love has no definition. It is a strong feeling that comes from heart. Just know that when you think of a person throughout the day, care for him, make him happy, trust him and respect him, you love him. You yourself will get to know when love happens. There need not be any proof, any definition and any certification for it!