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How to get a picture from Stranger


How to get a picture from Stranger during Anonymous Chat
Taking photos of yourself can be a fun way to express your mood, however to get the same from a girl or stranger boy who is sitting somewhere else and doing Anonymous chat online with you needs a talent.

This is the common desire which every chatter want to get materialized, wants to know how his partner looks like and if his partner shares her picture then gets the confidence that she trusts you.

Chatliv have Anonymous Chat Rooms which immediately connect to a stranger

But sometimes you want to go one step further, you give wings to your creativity and want to develop relationship outside chat room as well. This is one of the thrilling result of online video chatting, but it is not as easy as appears at the beginning. Do remember girl with whom you are paired with in Random Chat might have the experience of chatting with hundreds of people like you and if you straightforward ask someone for picture then this may appear creepy.

But it doesn’t indicate it is too difficult either, we tell you how to make this happen during Anonymous Chat:

Realize, you will have to reciprocate also:

If you are using fake identity then this may be worrying for you, but cool down, this has become so common now a days, everyone wants to secure him or herself. When you will ask for photo then first response you may get is -give your pic first; so realize before asking this question that are you ready to give picture to her or not? and if yes then you should have your recently captured photo with you. If you don’t have any pic then take through mobile or webcam and send it across.

Not everyone likes your family or general photos but here people want to have your personal snap. This is also not the always case that you will get a decent person as your partner, therefore if photo you receive is violating chat laws or you feel highly uncomfortable then you should terminate the chat immediately.

Don’t ask directly for picture but first make the favorable environment during Anonymous chat:

Appreciate her beauty at first and then talk to her about the in proper clothing a convincing way..(like guys around aren’t too good to take her dressing in a positive and broad minded way) speak about film stars like Will Smith, Brad Pit, Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone or Olivia Wilde, just to know her likings. Read her mind and then say-Don’t you think we should exchange our pictures? By this you will get the clear outcome.

Flattery does not work everywhere during Anonymous chat:

Don’t treat any two chat partners in the same way as every person has different nature, however this is proved fact that compliments and courtesy works, but you should be aware about exceptional cases.

Admire partner for her cute smile, interesting nature, hair style etc. when she shares picture with you then you should observe and share some precise points like background of picture, place, pose, face expression, jewelry etc. She would be just impressed by your deep observation.

I strongly propose SAYING, “You have such a good face for MODELING.”
Now that You Know the SECRETS…Try It Out!
Hey Strangers! I remain so much on Chatliv, and if you catch me sometime then believe I shall share my picture immediately, all you need to do is just ask me politely and with a smile.

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