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Thirty and single: 11 mysteries things that await you


In your twenties, you might have imagined a certain scenario in your life where you find yourself settled in some areas of your life. Your work life was supposed to be great with a job that you love and pays you well. You have a beautiful home decorated to your utmost liking. And the most important one is you have somebody that you love and share your life with. Well, you are kicking butt at work and you have a great house, but you find yourself single in your thirties and wondering. So here are some things that await you in this phase of your life:


Just a number:

Who says I am thirty? I’m still young at heart and that is what matters. This comes to your mind whenever somebody guesses your age wrong or even right. Denial is the friend that you don’t need.


Faking Happiness:

As painful and cringe worthy this might come across, this becomes your coping mechanism. You start hating Facebook posts of your friends getting engaged or married or even having children. Your go-to line becomes “I’m so happy for you”.

The grass is always greener:

People always want what they do not have. They are attracted towards greener pastures not realizing what they do have is wanted by many. Your married friends nonchalantly complain and all you do is nod away.

The douchebags:

These were hazards even when you were twenty. You swiped them left without even thinking about it. Now, you think about giving them another chance. You think you can change them, but oh my lord, you are so wrong you don’t even know it.

The compromise:

The higher standards are a thing of your past. Now, you are ready to take whatever you can get. You are ready to compromise in areas such as age, intelligence or even past marital status. All you care about is not sitting at home alone watching baking-shows on a Friday night.


Now these are extreme cases given, but they are not uncommon. After hearing about how great your BFF’s boyfriend or husband is, you’ll start considering a substitute for a man. Sometimes, it may be a dog. And in worse cases, a cat even.

Casual Encounters:

Being more serious about your life, you look for relationships rather than hookups. They are not as important as they were a decade ago. It’s just not worth getting out of the blanket burrito and switching off your Television.

Your boy toy:

There will come a time when all the worries and responsibilities that come with the age go for a toss out of the window. To hell with the world and everybody else, you just want to have fun. Well, go ahead and do that.

Panic at the disco:

Relax, be calm. It happens. The mind works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, it goes off track and you should stop that train of thought before it destroys the little peace you have left.

The “Ex” effect:

The douche of an ex is not looking so bad now, is he? But you have to resist that temptation and stay strong.

The one:

Your whole life becomes an endless conquest of finding the one. While on that conquest, you learn a lot about yourself.
Well, you have work and that house. Two out of three is not that bad.