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10 Reasons Why younger girls date older guys


Reasons Why Women Date Older Boyfriends, People are judgmental. That’s just how they behave. They love pointing out mistakes and oddities in life. What they don’t know is that what they call odd and wrong can be awesome and incredible. tips on dating an older guy.


One of those so called odd things that get that strange judgmental look is a man of a certain refined age dating a younger woman. You might judge that man and vote this relationship off as a mid-life crisis. But, you don’t even know what you are missing. And to prove that point, here are ten reasons silver foxes are drool worthy boyfriends:


1. Manners makes the man:

There is a certain refined character to every guy of a certain higher age. They were raised the old fashioned way and the charm exuded in their behavior is alluring. Your doors will be opened and held for you and you’ll be made to feel like a princess. And who doesn’t like that?

2. Patience paying off:

With all that age comes a lot of patience with it. And patient people have great strength of character. Those are the people you want by your side when everything goes to hell.

3. Sensible and Mature:

You don’t want crazy guys taking you for a ride do you? Older men are sensible and mature. They value their time with you and respect your ideals. They are wiser than their younger counterparts and they don’t take you for granted.

4. The opposite attraction:

Remember that old and the clichéd saying that opposites attract. Well, it’s called cliché for a reason. Most relationships don’t go together well because of different interests or sometimes too similar interests. The tastes of wise man are something even young people aspire to and that is what works here.

5. The technical gap:

The golden generation was not too big on technology. They’ve learnt and adapted to it for coping with the modern generation but they are not too fond of it. So, instead of that boring phone call, they prefer spending time the old fashioned and charming way.

6. Financially Settled:

This might not be true for all but the more aged a man is, the better they are at their job prospects and they manage money better. They pay their own way, are financially responsible and aren’t shy of showering you with gifts.

7. Comfortable in their own skin:

They know they might be super buff like the guy from the gym or have washboard ABS like the twenty something from downstairs. And they are ok with that. They know what they are and they own it with full confidence.

8. Value:

It is the mark of a sensible man that values the important things in life. To him, a fancy watch or a big car isn’t that important as spending time with his loved ones. They are more idealistic than more and don’t take less than they deserve.

9. Raw attraction:

The unexplainable charms of a silver fox are what make him attractive in life and in the bedroom. The experience comes into play here as well and it really shows.

10. All eyes on you:

They made their friends the old way. They learnt about the other person by taking them straight. Therefore on date night, instead of looking at the phone every two seconds, their attention is focused on you and how beautiful you look that day.

These are some damn good reasons why the wiser man is the talk of the town. All you can do is read and learn for yourself by talk with stranger.